tirsdag den 29. januar 2008

Endnu en af vores amerikanske undervisere (på engelsk)

Kamal Siegel
Kamal Siegel began his career in the arts at the young age of 17 when he had his first solo exhibition at the Municipal Library of his hometown; Temuco, Chile. Under the aegis of an encouraging family, Kamal embarked on a path that led him through various schools, mentors and training institutions. Kamal is currently a instructor at DigiPen Institute of Technology as well as owner of Digital Double, a Redmond, WA based company that specializes in creating digital versions of people and characters for use in video games and movies. Previously he worked as Technical Art Director for Flying Lab Software, spearheading and designing their character customization technology. He also spent three years as a full-time employee at Microsoft, creating and refining environments for XBOX launch titles. Kamal is active in art in the community, having exhibited his paintings and photography, curated shows, and taught drawing and cartooning courses in various locations. He is an active volunteer for local events and takes joy in helping build community. He is also active in music, and recently released his first album of original guitar compositions titled "First Steps". Kamal holds a degree in Computer Animation from the Art Institute of Seattle and he has earned certificates in painting and 3D modeling along with continued education in illustration, color and composition and level design. He grew up in Chile and has lived in the Seattle area since 1998 and been a Redmond resident since 2001.