tirsdag den 29. januar 2008

Lidt info om en af vores amerikanske 3d undervisere (på engelsk)

Jay Gale - Art and Design

Three-dimensional modeling and animation instructor Jay Gale egan working in the 3D computer graphics field in 1987. He worked for a defense contractor building 3D environments, vehicles, and weapons effects for real-time vehicle and flight simulations. The Department of Defense awarded him a Distinguished Service Award for work done re-creating a key battle from the Persian Gulf War. “Xin Li and I are old work friends,” he says. They both worked for the same company before coming to the Institute. Mr. Gale has also spent the last twenty years as a freelance graphic designer and graphic producer. He holds a B.A. in broadcast communications from the University of Colorado and has taken numerous courses in mathematics, computer graphics, and web design.
In 1999, Mr. Gale came to DigiPen and began working as a full-time 3D animation instructor in the Associate of Applied Arts in 3D Computer Animation program. He taught all of the 3D courses for this two-year program. He is currently an adjunct instructor of 3D modeling and animation, and this year he is teaching the GAT 300 and GAT 350 courses. He enjoys helping
students learn how to add 3D models and animations to their game projects. When teaching, Mr. Gale helps students understand when to “call a project good.” He recognizes that one of the traps they – and some industry professionals – fall into is the situation of constantly tweaking things to make a project “perfect.” As he warns, “this will blow up every deadline that you have to meet.” Outside of DigiPen, Mr. Gale does numerous freelance projects, mostly for the Lake Washington School District. He is currently working on promotional material for the career and technology education courses offered across the district. He is also preparing to teach a one-month 3D course to Danish exchange students at Edmonds Community College. Additionally, he works part-time at Juanita High School, teaching courses in computer graphics, web design, and video production. If he did not have his hands full doing all these various jobs, he would be running a surfboard rental shop on Maui’s North Shore or leading horseback historical tours of Civil War battlefields. In his spare time (such as it exists), Mr. Gale engages in a range of activities.
He enjoys reading histories of the Civil War, World War II, the Napoleonic Wars, and medieval Europe. In a related activity, he collects antique and historic firearms. He also does oil painting and sports photography. His range of unique interests and industry experience make him a valuable member of DigiPen’s art faculty.