fredag den 18. februar 2011

Entrepreneur class fieldtrip

Denne tekst er skrevet af Thomas Søndergaard Andreasen og Niklas Nielsen

Tuesday 15th February we went on a trip with Isabella McPeak to a law firm named Foster pepper where we met a lawyer named Vin Ricci afterwards Isabella had made arrangements for us to attend a roundtable investment meeting at ZINO society.
After our classes with Isabella McPeak the whole class was supposed to go to ZINO society but since the school for some reason didn’t want to arrange transportation for the whole class, Isabella took the initiative and offered up to six of us to drive with her in her private car, four of us accepted her offer.
We took off a little earlier than we expected because Isabella had made a surprise arrangement with an attorney at Foster Pepper named Vin Ricci.
When we arrived at Foster Pepper Isabella informed the receptionist that we were here to see Vin Ricci. While we waited we were admiring the view over Seattle from the 34th floor, shortly after Vin came and showed us into a meeting room. Then he explained to us about the different legal aspects of starting a company, where it would be a good idea to bring in a lawyer and how to protect your ideas and products, basically all the things you should consider before opened a company.
About 5pm. We went into the reception at ZINO society where we were welcomed very nicely even though our clothing didn’t exactly fit in. We got a name tag and were greeted by Cathi Hatch the founder and CEO of ZINO and shortly after Mary Holmes the chief marketing officer. Those of us who were 21 of age were offered a glass of wine the rest water and soda.
Shortly after we were showed in to the conference room where we were told to find a seat as the meeting was about to begin. Mary Holmes went through the agenda for the evening.
Then we heard the keynote speaker John Kueber talk about business in general in Seattle, after him a ZINOpreneur (entrepreneur who already had gotten investment through ZINO) got up and spoke about he’s business had room for some more investment.
About 6 pm. It was time for the deal flow presentations. Three companies presented their ideas for the investors, they had about 10 minutes each. At the end of each presentation the investors had a little time to ask the representatives of the companies some questions. When everybody had finished their presentations, they were sent out of the conference room, giving the investors some time to discuss some questions for the representatives to answer when they were allowed back into the room. Then there was another round of questions and answers before everyone got up and tasted some wine and talked to each other.
We went back out to the reception again where Isabella came and asked us what we thought about the different presentations, shortly after Mary Holmes joined in on the conversation.

Thanks to Isabella McPeak, ZINO society and Foster Pepper for having us.
Written by Thomas Søndergaard Andreasen and Niklas Nilsen