mandag den 9. marts 2009

Tito Pagan

When I agreed to teach animation to the 29 Danish students this spring, I could only guess at what I was in for in the weeks ahead. Having taught this class before to American students of the same demographics in the state of Washington, I find that the range of skills in 3D work and the commitment to learning I’ve come to expect was delightfully surpassed. What’s been interesting to see too that is still common to young male and female adults, no matter which country they’re from, is the desire for character content that is predominately fantasy based, with special powers, strength, weapons or combat skills. The creative imagination and attention for small details, good form and proportion are rewarding and refreshing standards I’m experiencing with all of the Danish students. The biggest challenge for me as an instructor is trying to keep each of the second year students moving forward at a reasonable pace, without either boring or overwhelming anyone during a 4 hour class each day. All worth the effort knowing that we’ll be seeing equally detailed and expressive motion before the end of March.

Skrevet af Tito Pegan (indsendt af Kasper Appel)